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Seven Powerful Tips to Dominate your Yellow Page Advertising Competition.

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Yellow Page Ad Design Tip #1

Grab them from the start with powerful images, photos and illustrations.

People turn to the Yellow Pages when they're ready to buy. That's why Yellow Page Advertising is so expensive, and so unique. Potential customers are past the debate whether or not to call someone. They are ready, right then and there, to take action.

This is why your ad should grab Yellow Page shoppers and—if at all possible—inspire an emotional reaction.

Countless marketing studies have proven, when a person makes a purchase, it is always based on an emotional response. When searching for Yellow Page artwork, you should consider this fact.

Look for artwork that captures attention, and grabs potential customers in a meaningful way. If you follow this one rule alone, and do it successfully, your call volume should jump by at least 50%.

Take a minute to look through your Yellow Page section with this in mind—emotion is the most powerful tool in an advertisers arsenal. In today's Yellow Pages, you'll find most advertisers miss the boat completely. If your company masters this lucrative advantage, your sales will sky-rocket.

While we have learned great respect for the power of image rich, Yellow Page artwork, many designers will still try to convince you, the most important thing in your Yellow Page ad, is your headline. They will tell you "A strong headline will draw the reader in, and in doing so will ultimately compel your reader to read every last stitch of copy."

We respectfully disagree.

These designers tend to have weak design skills and generally, come from a time before mass media. They hail from the days of simple selling when people actually looked for advertising as an informational source.

Times have changed. Today your first order of business is obvious—get your reader's attention. Getting noticed is priority one.

We agree that a powerful headline is important, but it won't take the place of captivating, attention grabbing imagery.

Eye-tracking studies carried out by Perception Research Services of Englewood New Jersey, clearly demonstrate this point. Their extensive research clearly illustrates that, while looking at advertising, readers spend 65% of their time concentrating on images—photos and illustrations, while the remaining 35% is spent browsing your text.

So ask yourself, "Why is my Yellow Page publisher so content to make my pictures (if you even got any at all) so small?"

Regardless of the reasoning, your goal should be clear—find powerful photos or illustrations that attract attention, engage the reader, and have the power to give your potential customers an emotional response.

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6 Key Yellow Page Elements

Copy Chasers—a group of advertising experts —publishes a monthly column in Business Marketing, a popular advertising-industry periodical.

They list visual magnetism as the most important element in a successful ad.

They are absolutely correct. Your Yellow Page ad's most important goal is to get noticed. Your message, though of grave importance, is secondary since the greatest message in the world is of little consequence, if the reader never encounters it.

Kerry Randall, author of many comprehensive Yellow Page advertising books states quite simply—"Any graphic that does not leap from the page may as well be invisible. Likewise, any text that is not engaging and easy to read is tomfoolery."

We completely agree.

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