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Seven Powerful Tips to Dominate your Yellow Page Advertising Competition.

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Yellow Page Ad Design Tip #6

Always point them toward the telephone.

This advertising tip is very simple, but you wouldn't believe the number of Yellow Page designers that overlook a simple "call to action". If you aren't going to tell your potential customers what they have to do to make this sale a reality, what is the point of advertising at all?

Many business owners assume that simply advertising in the Yellow Pages implies that you want people to call. Maybe so, but why not give them a compelling reason to dial right away? Why not demystify your sales process, and get them on the road to that first step that ultimately leads to a sale?

Maybe you want your potential customers to—"Call for a free quote." Or perhaps—"Call now to make an appointment." Or even—"Call today to set up a free consultation."

Whatever the reason may be, give them a place to start. Plant the first step in their heads and any doubt, any mystery will be joyfully eliminated.

Potential customers don't like being in the dark. They are much more likely to pick up the phone if they know where to begin. Make it easy for them, and they'll get moving right away.

This point is especially important for new customers—people who may have never interacted with your type of business before. These new customers are especially vulnerable to indecision simply because they are entering uncharted waters.

Not everyone knows attorneys give free consultations, or insurance companies give free phone quotes. Let them know and your Yellow Page ad will be the first one—often the only one—they dial.

Whatever the first step in your sales process is, get your potential customers moving toward that step as quickly as possible. Once they can see it in their minds-eye, once you've demystified your sales process, once all fear and uncertainty is eliminated, you'll find yourself with many happy, well informed callers on the other end of your phone line.

That's good for you, and good for your potential customers.

6 Key Yellow Page Elements

"Many Yellow Pages advertisers will also take sample ads to their friends, spouses, or staff to seek opinions. And, they get 'opinions'. Opinions are opinions; they do not generate telephone calls.

"If you want a really great opinion about your ad, seek a really great person. If you want a medical opinion about your ad, see a doctor. Take your ad to your minister. Ask Bill Gates. Ask the president. You will get a whole bunch of real, genuine opinions.

"Ads are like Rorschach inkblot tests. People see what they see. People create their own experiences of your ad. If you want a useful opinion about how well your ad might work, ask a person who is a member of your target audience. That is the only opinion that counts. That opinion votes with telephone calls and dollar bills.

"Any time you ask for an opinion from somebody who is not a member of your target audience, you should get a nonplussed 'doesn't work for me' response."

— Kerry Randall, pg. 75
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