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Ad Revamp - Yellow Page Advertising, Marketing, and Design is the brainchild of advertising expert Adam Strange.

The company was founded in the early 90s specifically to help business owners compete in the costly, competitive Yellow Page advertising arena. Over the years our motto has always been the same—"Your success is our success". We've strived to help business owners achieve their advertising goals since our very first client.

Back in the early days we spread our message the old fashioned way—knocking on doors and sharing our unique perspective on the Yellow Page advertising medium.

We approached businesses with the worst ads in the book, most giving their respective owners little more than a costly drain on the company. That is, until we stepped in!

While local business owners all over central and Southern California were quite aware of the Yellow Page ad design dilemma, they were amazed to find there was any alternative to the clumsy design services provided by the Yellow Page directories.

Countless business owners were eager to sign up. As they enlisted our services, they became downright jubilant as we transformed their tired old Yellow Page ads into lucrative, call-generating money-makers.

As our business grew our experience broadened, allowing us to produce the most cost effective Yellow Page ads on the planet—Yellow Page ads that didn't just bring in boatloads of cash, but were ads our clients were proud to place.

Business was good, but toward the end of the '90s, the rise of the Internet began to transform the Yellow Page advertising field. Some brave advertising gurus were even brazen enough to predict an end to Yellow Page advertising altogether. For the record, we were never that brazen!

We are web skeptics to this day, but have charted a steady rise in Internet success stories among our clients.

Today, more than ever, business owners are interested in Internet advertising alternatives. We've become experts at isolating potential web advertising opportunities and cost effective web alternatives to traditional Yellow Page advertising.

With our enthusiasm in overdrive, we've devoted substantial resources into unlocking the Internet's advertising potential for both our own company and our clients. The process has been a worthwhile investment allowing us to take our company from a modest design firm to the nation's #1 Yellow Page design service.

Today, with the help of the Internet, we help business people all over the world get the most from their Yellow Page and Internet advertising budgets. We help company owners worldwide understand the complex world of both mediums and insure they get great value for their money whether they purchase services from us or one of our competitors.

While the business technology is changing, our company goal is still the same—to make sure you get the most out of every advertising dollar you spend.

With our amazing track record and cutting edge advertising techniques, we have what it takes to make sure you're successful in all your Yellow Page and Internet advertising endeavors.

Our unique web sites and advertising materials speak volumes about our reputability and success. There's no reason why your's can't too.

For our free, comprehensive Yellow Page ad evaluation simply fax (Fax: 1-661-310-2118) your current Yellow Page ad with your email address and telephone (with area code) and we'll get back to you with our professional, no-nonsense advice.

If you need immediate advice (free of charge) we are always happy to help. Just call toll-free: 1-800-339-2410.


Most ad designers make the costly mistake of designing overly-clever, 'magazine style' ads for the Yellow Page advertising medium.

While clever ads may capture attention in glossy magazine publications, they are completely ineffective in the Directional Advertising medium of your local Yellow Page directory.

Barry Maher, the premier authority on Yellow Page advertising design, illustrates this point time and time again in his comprehensive book, Yellow Pages Advertising: Maximum Profits at Minimum Cost. He plainly states, "Too many business imprints [ads] are so artsy they need to be deciphered, not read".

Who are we to argue with Barry Maher? Time Magazine refers to Barry as, "Easily the most widely respected consultant, speaking and writing on the subject."

It's true. People turn to the Yellow Pages when the are ready to buy. Plainly, in this environment, clever picture-puzzle ads are not the way to persuade potential customers you're the right company for them.

Here are a couple of examples. These magazine ads were taken from national publications, and while they look great, their messages are vague at best. See if you can decipher them?

Sample Ad 1

Sample Ad 2

While you may have figured them out, the vast number of consumers will miss the point completely. This ultimately translates into lost sales.

Good advertising is constantly tied to the consumer's state-of-mind.

Consumers shopping through the Yellow Pages are ready to buy. They are looking for the company they are going to buy from. Good Yellow Page ads take advantage of that, and focus on a clear message filled with compelling reasons to buy.

As a Yellow Page advertiser you should constantly ask yourself, "Which is more important? Clever ads or sales?" If you focus on sales, and create a clear, concise message, your Yellow Pages response will soar.

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