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Can Advertising Synergy Help Your Company?

If you want to compete in the business world, chances are you'll need to advertise. The Internet seems to be the way of the future in attracting new business - but let's face it - we're not there yet. Not if today's 14 billion dollar Yellow Pages industry is any indicator.

Your advertising arsenal may include a website, Yellow Page ad in one or several books, local print ad spots, brochures, stationary, business cards, direct mailers, uniforms, the sign on your store-front, or the graphics on the side of your service trucks. Your advertising budget is limited, so you'll have to choose wisely.

Consider this - is there a unified look that runs throughout your advertising elements and ties them all together? There should be.

One key to a well-balanced advertising suite is the use of synergy - tying everything together with a common theme such that the entire effect is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

This would include a dominant logo with a color scheme that is common throughout your advertising elements. Ideally, your website would match with your Yellow Page ads as well as your business cards, letterhead, etc. Your uniforms would have the same colors as your latest direct mailer.

The reward of a common advertising theme is that sharper, overall more professional look that says to the customer and the rest of the world that your business is a legitimate success. Yours is a company that can be trusted with my hard earned cash. Your company is the one that can be counted on to deliver top quality work. You can solve the problems of any customer efficiently and reliably. The effect on the potential customer is huge.

Picture the person rifling through the local yellow pages because they desperately need an electrician - they call your ad because it matches your service trucks that they’ve seen all over town. Maybe it shows in a direct mailer that you send out to local customers extolling the virtues of your company or announces your latest great offer. It may also be evident in the business card that you attach to every invoice and gets passed on to the customer's friend or relative. Referrals and word-of-mouth recognition are great ways to get new business and you want to maximize this potential.

The synergistic effect of a unified advertising campaign is important in shaping your company’s public perception. Businesses all over the world do great work and they know it – their company’s internal reality screams excellence. Yet, it is the company’s public perception (advertising) that customers see and often leads to new customers, growth, and ultimate success. And synergy in advertising is a great way to let the public know what you already know – that your company understands the importance of excellence in every endeavor it undertakes.

So, what does your advertising say to potential customers? Are you benefiting from the synergy effect? Ideally, your business is competitive, and your advertising shouts you are here to solve problems fast, effectively, and at a fair price. Ideally your advertising sets you apart from the competition by simply stating, "We're better, and here's why." These are the fundamentals of great advertising. But synergy is an effective way to illustrate your company’s ultimate interest in striving not only for new customers, but also for an image that is only equated with excellence.

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