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I need help fast. How long before you can show me something?

We are happy to accommodate any schedule.

How long does your service usually take?

Our turnaround time from campaign evaluation to finish product is generally under two weeks.

Yellow Page advertising is too darn expensive. Can you help me get a better deal on my Yellow Page ads?

There's nothing worse than wasting money on Yellow Page ads you don't need.

While we don't place (order) Yellow Page ads, we can consult you on effective strategies to negotiate the best deal with your Yellow Page publishers.

All these ad sizes are a nightmare. Can you help me pick the best ones?

We are happy to share our vast knowledge on ad size, color, headings—all the factors that can effect the cost and effectiveness of your Yellow Page advertising.

I'm not in the Yellow Pages yet. Where do I go to sign up?

You need to check with each Yellow Page publisher for their rates and deadlines. There are pros and cons to each directory, but we are happy to guide you. Here are some toll-free numbers to get you started.

BellSouth call 1-877-573-2597.
A representative will take your information. A local Yellow Page Rep should contact you within a few days. If you'd like to contact a local Bell South office directly click here for a sales office list.

AT&T Yellow Pages currently has one number for all markets. Call 1-800-479-2977 and a Customer Service Representative will connect you with a local Advertising Rep. You can also find out about other ATT advertising products on the web at

SBC SMART Yellow Pages is now part of AT&T.

QuestDex Media call 1-800-422-1234.
A representative will give you the number for your local Yellow Page Rep. You can call your local rep immediately. To contact Dex via the internet visit

Yellow Book call 1-800-929-3556.
A representative will take your information. A Yellow Page Rep should get back to you within a few days. You can also use this web form: but it generally takes longer than a week for a reply.

Verizon Yellow Pages are now being handled by Idearc Media. For more information visit or call 1-800-789-5756. Advertising and Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

My Yellow Page ad really needs work. What's the next step if I decide to go with you?

Our first step is to evaluate your current Yellow Page advertising. Most new clients have already had this done by taking advantage of our free Yellow Page ad evaluation.

Once we've had a chance to critically evaluate your current advertising, we'll take a look at your Yellow Page competition.

During this competitive evaluation we carefully note any unique offers, special programs, or compelling propositions your competitors have, which could potentially impact the effectiveness of your advertising.

After we've completed these two important evaluations, we will have a strong sense of your unique advertising market.

We then take this information and search our library of top performing ads to custom match your company's unique selling position with a Yellow Page advertising strategy that has already shown impressive performance.

With this winning method we are able to insure your ad will generate the highest call volume possible

What if I already know what I want? Can you design it for me?

If you already have a winning strategy you'd like to perfect, we are more than happy to help.

What if my competitors come to you? Will you design their ads too?

For a small fee, we'll give you exclusive rights to our services.

My web site needs help too. Do you do web design?

Yes. We provide reasonable rates on quality web services. Just ask and we'll provide you with a quote.

The only thing holding me back is the price. Do I have to pay all at once?

No. If you'd like we can break the fee into 2 payments—Half down, half on delivery. If this is still too much, we're happy to discuss other payment options.

Your custom artwork is amazing. Could I just buy your running plumber and put my own ad together?

No. We are more than happy to develop custom artwork for any advertising project, but we do not provide "clip art" style licensing on our custom artwork.

Some people say your headline is more important than any artwork. Is that true?

That would most certainly depend on both the artwork, and the headline. There are literally hundreds of variables to consider. This is why we focus on what has been tested. Why argue with verifiable success?

I bought a nice template ad, but it didn't get me any more calls. How come?

Most template ads are too generic to make an impact in the crowded Yellow Page market. While template ads may look nice, they typically emphasize form over function.

Though it's important to look professional, people ultimately call based on your message, not on your ad layout. If your layout is strong and your message nonexistent, potential clients will respond accordingly.

I bought a great book on Yellow Page advertising. Why should I pay you when I could just design it myself?

We totally agree. If you've got the perfect Yellow Page strategy, dive in.

You should also take a look at the basic submission requirements for your local Yellow Page directory. Here are the requirements for QwestDex, but each directory is different. Color ad submissions should be set up like this.

If you don't have the latest graphics programs you can lay the basics out in Microsoft Word, but don't get too fussy. Any directory design department will take extreme liberties when re-creating your ad.

For the best tips, stay away from e-books since generally anyone with a computer can create them. The print books we continually recommend are, Barry Maher's Yellow Pages Advertising: Maximum Profits at Minimum Cost. If you are a Lawyer, Kerry Randall's Effective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers is a must. And, no marketing mind is complete without Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

Do your homework and you will be well equipped to dominate your Yellow Page advertising competition. If you need help. Give us a call toll-free 1-800-339-2410. We're happy to advise.

What is a CMR? Do I need one?

CMR stands for Certified Marketing Representative. They are members of the Yellow Pages Association and work for companies advertising in a large number of directories.

If you advertise in at least 3 states, no one state has more than 70% of your advertising budget, you run ads in at least 20 directories covering at least 2 publishers, you are considered a national account under Yellow Pages Association guidelines and qualify for CMR benefits.

For more information on CMR's and national Yellow Page advertising you can visit the Yellow Pages Association web site at

What if I love the ad, but I want a few changes?

This is the most common scenario. We are happy to make any changes you like, and will do so in a timely manner.

If you'd like us to save the current version and try something a bit different, just tell us and we'll set up some proofs you can compare side by side.

What if I want to see my proofs in Color and Black & White?

No problem. We provide 3 proof variations for each design. Proofs include:

Full-Color Proof
Black & Yellow Proof
Black & White on White Knockout Proof

Which design package should I get? I like your less expensive package, but I'm scared I won't be happy with only 4 revisions.

Most of our clients are happy in just 2 revisions. Our process is set up so clients generally have a strong sense of what they're getting before we ever begin executing your design. This method generally makes large numbers of revisions unnecessary.

If you are truly worried about it, and would like the peace of mind of our "unlimited changes" package, then we'll sign you up for "unlimited changes" and if things go smoother than expected we can refund the difference. How's that for compromise?

I still have reservations. Is there anything you can do to tip the scales?

If you need some sort of special guarantee, we're happy to provide it.

Countless businesses have witnessed the tremendous benefits of our services. Industry professionals have praised our work. Our marketing savvy has been featured on the glossy pages of national magazine publications.

Professional Yellow Page ad design could be the most valuable investment you'll ever make.

If you've read this far, and are still considering running your same Yellow Page ad—the ad that's continually delivered less than stellar results year after year—consider these powerful stats from the Barry Maher book Yellow Pages Advertising: Maximum Profits at Minimum Cost mentioned above:

According to Simmons Market Research Bureau (New York), well over 80% of adults in the U.S. use the Yellow Pages.

The ongoing study by Statistical Research, Inc. (Westfield, NJ) involves over 10,000 random phone interviews every year. It says Americans refer to the Yellow Pages 52 million times a day, more than 19 billion times a year.

Statistical Research, Inc. estimates that 52% of those who refer to the Yellow Pages make a purchase within 48 hours. And 79% of those who don't buy are very or somewhat likely to buy in the near future.

With such compelling data, why wouldn't you make every effort to be the first company Yellow Page shoppers call?

Once again—for our free, comprehensive Yellow Page ad evaluation simply fax us (Fax: 1-661-310-2118) your current Yellow Page ad with your email address and telephone (with area code) and we'll get back to you with our professional advice.

If you need immediate advice free of charge, we are happy to help. Call toll-free: 1-800-339-2410.

Act now for a FREE
Comprehensive Yellow Page Design Evaluation.

Fax us your current Yellow Page ad for a FREE, comprehensive design evaluation. Please include your name, telephone number (with area code) and email address.

FAX: 661-310-2118

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