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Advertising Study: BMW Repair
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Article by Adam Strange
Advertising Consultant of

As more and more of our long time Yellow Page advertising clients transition from campaigns solely focused on local Yellow Pages directories, to campaigns centered around online advertising, Ad Revamp is taking advantage of the wealth of results oriented advertising tools offered by Google. Here is a recent study we implemented for one of our San Francisco clients around the keywords: BMW Repair.

I read an article a few days ago put out by AAP about a study conducted by the Australian Yellow Pages with some startling facts. A survey of 1,800 small to medium-sized company owners found that 69% don't measure the results of their online advertising. As if this number isn't staggering enough, a full 86.8% admit they don't base future advertising decisions on any return on investment (ROI) or previous advertising results.

These unfathomable results continue, but I think you get the point. Basically online advertisers in Australia are flying blind. And I really doubt their American counterparts are doing much better.

In a world where real-time data is rapidly becoming the norm, there is a motto your company should learn to embrace: Don't predict. Measure and respond.

While you may love your company website, or think you know exactly what new customers want to hear, consider the almost certain fact, you could be wrong. And while you are watching business dwindle, a competitor is snapping up all the calls. Where do you go? What do you do? How do you fix the situation? Start simple. Start with 5 little words—Don't predict. Measure and respond.

Here is an example...

One of our clients has a repair shop in San Francisco. Much of their new business comes from online advertising and their company website. The traffic flow to the website is good. They are listed on the first page of Google for many relevant keywords and all of their Analytics reports show a steady stream of new visitors.

The website has decent conversion but it could be better. People seem to be clicking on the site from a search engine and then leaving without clicking on another page. Some visitors stay for less than one second. What could be happening here? Why not stick around? What is wrong? What needs to change?

To dig for answers we targeted traffic for the keywords: BMW Repair.

We created several unique landing pages with different headlines, offers, and design combinations, each formulated to lead people to specific pages where potential customers can dial a tracking number. A call on this unique number is registered as a success. So all search engine traffic for BMW repair related keywords is funneled to the URL where BMW landing pages can be delivered at random and then measured for effectiveness. Calls to the tracking number are counted and cataloged as a vote for the landing pages that produced them. As the study continues we are able to assess the most prominent factors in our sales conversions and make intelligent advertising changes to our future online advertising strategy.

Once generated, a study of this kind can generate all kinds of unique data that can be used to make smart business decisions on how to allocate advertising dollars. It can help you intelligently tailor a potential customer's website experience to particular search queries. And the advantages don't end in the online realm. This important information can find it's way into all your advertising decisions.

So if you are still making important business decisions like 30% of the respondents in the afore mentioned study are, by asking customers how they found you, maybe it's time to dive a little deeper into that question and pull out some very enlightening, very reliable, hard facts.

June 20 2011

After just a few months of study, we were able to determine which website was more effective at converting new website visits into actual phone calls. Here are the dramatic results...

Google Website Optimizer Graph


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