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Seven Powerful Tips to Dominate your Yellow Page Advertising Competition.

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Yellow Page Ad Design Tip #3

Protect your Yellow Page investment with professional looking, clutter-free design.

As you craft your Yellow Page design, you are in a very real way, creating your income for the year to come. Many businesses rely heavily on the success of their Yellow Page advertising campaigns.

With this in mind, it is imperative you focus on an advertising strategy that contains both a sound message, and clean, professional looking design.

Kerry Randall sums it up well in his comprehensive book—Effective Yellow Pages Advertising: The Complete Guide to Creating Winning Ads.

Randall says —

Have you noticed that some newsletters are challenging to read, even though you are interested in the material? Have you ever been shopping for wine and just by looking at the labels, got a sense that one wine was better than another? Have you noticed that at some restaurants you read the entire menu, even though you have already decided what to order?

This is the power of design.

Would you like your ad to grab, and then hold, the reader's attention? Do you want your ad to invite readers to continue reading? To communicate that your company is better able to meet readers' needs than other advertisers? Do you want your ad to motivate potential customers to call you?

Then select your designer carefully.

Good designers excel at doing these things. Talented designers communicate messages that go beyond text—way beyond text. A masterful designer will create a spirit, a feeling, within the design that communicates far, far more than words. Gifted designers communicate in ways that ensure individual readers actually get the messages they want. Multiple readers get personalized messages, with each reader seeing what he or she wants to see!

While this is a glowing endorsement for the design industry in general, be aware not all designers are created equally.

There are designers, and then there are professional Yellow Page designers. Designers in general know pretty, but they don't necessarily know Yellow Page ads.

While it's important your ad look professional, you should always view your Yellow Page advertising from a performance perspective. Your goal is not to collect design awards while your telephone collects dust.

Powerful design is an important part of grabbing and holding people's attention. It is also valuable in presenting your company as a stable, professional, business-minded organization, and that always ads value in the minds of potential customers. Nobody wants to do business with some fly-by-night company. Customers ultimately want to find a business they are happy with so they can continue to use them. That's good for you, and good for them.

Once you have a clean, professional looking design you're happy with, it's also a whole lot easier to justify your exorbitant Yellow Page advertising budget. Especially when your phone is ringing off the hook with happy, qualified, value oriented customers.

Advertising Rule #1

Believe it or not, some Yellow Page designers feel you need lots of "space" in your Yellow Page ad so potential customers can jot notes in the margins. Wow! That's some pretty expensive note paper.

This is a great example of a Yellow Page designer that doesn't have a clue.

If your designer's ultimate goal is to accommodate Yellow Page shoppers with plenty of empty space to scribble notes, you should probably look for a new designer.

In reality, people turn to the Yellow Pages for answers. Give them what they want.

If a potential customer needs your business hours, put them in the ad. Don't make someone call, just to find out if you're open. For every person that takes the time to call, just so they can jot your business hours in the margin of your ad, dozens of others will just call one of your competitors.

Think about it. If 5 people just called to find out if you were open, 50-100 people just called one of your competitors simply because question #1—"Are you open?"—was already answered.

Then there are the comparison shoppers. Perhaps these "space" preaching Yellow Page designers feel compelled to accommodate the price shopper. You know the one. The guy that is going to dial every ad in the Yellow Pages until he finds the deal that's right for him.

The problem with this "space" strategy is it fails to confront the reason these people are calling around to begin with. They aren't calling because it's fun. Or to annoy you, though it might seem that way at times.

They are calling because they can't tell the difference between you, and any of your competitors.

Again—people instinctively look for value. If they can't distinguish a difference between two products they immediately turn to price. Hence the calls. Hence the "notes".

How do you halt this vicious cycle? Not by feeding your potential customers expensive note paper. You solve the problem by giving them what they are looking for in the first place—a good value.

Once you show them your company's unique value advantage Yellow Page callers are far less concerned about price and the price shoppers grow few and far between.

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