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The above independent survey results are from "The World's Best Yellow Page Design" contest sponsored by premier Yellow Page advertising expert, Dick Larkin. Call us today for a FREE COPY of Mr. Larkin's 178 pg report.


How do I come up with a good headline for my Yellow Page ad?

After working with local business owners for the past 20 years, I've read a lot of headlines. Most are pretty awful. Unfortunately many local businesses waste the prime real estate at the top of their Yellow Page ads with headlines that say little about their companies.

While I agree that if you are running a plumbing ad in the Yellow Pages it’s a good idea to scream, “This is a plumbing ad!” But the best way to do that is not by simply asking “Need a plumber?”

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UPDATE: Online Advertising Study

As more and more of our long time Yellow Page advertising clients transition from campaigns solely focused on local Yellow Pages directories, to campaigns centered around online advertising, Ad Revamp is taking advantage of the wealth of results oriented advertising tools offered by Google. Here is a recent study we implemented for one of our San Francisco clients around the keywords: BMW Repair.

I read an article a few days ago put out by AAP about a study conducted by the Australian Yellow Pages with some startling facts.

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With Yellow Page advertising in decline, many business owners are determined to rocket their company website to the top of the number one search engine on the web. After doing exactly that for so many of our best clients, we're ready to do it for you!

Call us today to find out how you can get ahead of the curve with where more and more people are turning when they need local goods and services.

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What makes us different from other Yellow Page designers?

Terry Owen
Meet one of our valued clients.

Lots of things!

Most importantly is our code of ethics. Our company motto is "Your success is our success." And by this creed, we would never sell you something that you didn't need.

We subscribe to a simple win-win sales philosophy and refuse to get involved in any situation where our services are unneeded. The last thing we want to see is your Yellow Page advertising dollars go to waste.

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